Book Reviews for 2014

The Genesis of Science, by James Hannam

The Victory of Reason, by Rodney Stark

Moral Origins, by Christopher Boehm

The Kingdom Suffereth Violence, by Philippe Beneton

From the Tree to the Labyrinth, by Umberto Eco

The Foundations of Science in the Middle Ages, by Edward Grant

Inside the Neolithic Mind, by David Lewis-Williams and David Pearce

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed, by Eric H. Cline

The Most Powerful Idea in the World, by William Rosen

Reason and Society in the Middle Ages, by Alexander Murray

The Sea and Civlization, by Lincoln Paine

City of Fortune, by Roger Crowley

Spillover, by David Quammen

1215: The Year of the Magna Carta, by Danny Danziger and John Gillingham

Apocalypse, by John Michael Greer

The Earth Moves, by Dan Hofstadter

Information, by James Gleick

The Man of Numbers, by Keith Devlin

The Recursive Mind, by Michael C. Corballis

Louder than Words, by Benjamin K. Bergen

The Lever of Riches, by Joel Mokyr