July 17th

We’ve got iOS and Android versions of the game up and running and beta testing has begun. The testers have reported the usual run of minor flaws, but one factor that seems to pop up in many of the reports is the complain that the game is particularly confusing because the response of characters to the player’s statements are counterintuitive. The character responds according to his perception of whether the player is lying, not how much he agrees. This just confuses players.

I could disable that feedback phase. It’s a timed-out phase, which is always bad UI. It confuses the players. It doesn’t really help. So I have to find a simply way to disable that phase – something that can be accomplished in just a few lines of code. 

Alternatively, I could eliminate the entire matter of suspiciousness, in effect making everybody completely gullible. This would greatly simplify the game, but would it be too drastic a change? 

No, I like the feedback that the player gets for agreeing with the character.