Call for Participants

May 1st, 2013

Siboot is my next game design project. It is based on a game I built in 1987, published as Trust & Betrayal. Here are some descriptions of it elsewhere on the web:

Wikipedia entry
An abandonware site
Another abandonware site
An interview about Trust & Betrayal
A games encyclopedia entry

The new version shall be greatly expanded and improved, while retaining the original game architecture. The current set of design documents is indexed here; candidates should read the entire set before making a decision to apply for a position.

What I want from you

I do not expect full-time participation in the project; however, I do expect that you’ll be able to contribute at least ten hours per week to the project. If you aren’t confident that you can contribute at least that much time every week, then please don’t apply. I also expect that you are competent to execute your assigned task; please don’t apply for a position you’re not really up to. For planning purposes, you should assume that this project will span at least a year, so you’ll have to be available throughout that time. Lastly, I expect that you are able to work on a schedule, prepare weekly reports on your progress, and work with others productively.

What’s in it for you

There are three benefits to participating in this project. First, it will probably be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Second, you’ll learn about my weird way of approaching game design, and pick up some useful techniques for handling problems in social interactions in games. Third, you might even get some money out of it; I intend to share all earnings on a simple proportionate basis. Each of the positions will have a defined profit fraction. Profit for this project is defined as revenues minus direct costs. I may also try a Kickstarter campaign to get some upfront money for the team; I’ll want to form the team first and then make a collaborative decision on Kickstarter.


At this time, I expect that there will be four positions to fill:

Client-Server Programming

This position has already been filled. It will earn 10% of profits.


This person will create all artwork for the project, comprising the faces of the major characters; the material for the facial animations; and all background imagery. This position earns 10% of the profits.

Facial Animation Programming

This person will create the code that will permit the faces of the characters to be animated with emotional expressions. This position earns 10% of the profits.

Dream Combat Programming

This person will create the code for the dream combat display. This position earns 10% of the profits.

Applying for a position

If you would like to participate in this project, please send me an email (use the contact form above) describing:

The position you’d like to take
Your portfolio
Development applications that you are proficient with
Development applications that you are acquainted with
How many hours per week you think you could dedicate to this project
Why you want to work on this project
Why you think you’d be valuable to the project
Anything else you’d like me to know