Some details

Three minor questions are in my mind. The first is a throwback to an earlier question: should I include intensifiers for aura-emotions? I asked, but did not answer this question earlier. I have proceeded on the assumption that I would not include emotional quantifiers on the grounds that it imposed too great a workload on the player, but I’m having second thoughts. I realized that it’s pretty limiting to say only that you like or dislike somebody, or trust or distrust them. Those quantifiers are important, so I’m going to restore them. But I have come up one idea that might make matters much simpler: negative quantifiers. Just tack on the black square and they are negative. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

A second question concerns the possibility of including circumferential relationships. For readers who have not read the entire contents of this website, a circumferential relationship could also be called a third-dimension relationship. Think of it this way: suppose that we have the first dimension as honesty. Then the second dimension is trust, and the third dimension is how much a character thinks that another character trusts a third character. I have had nothing but trouble with these third-dimension relationships, and do not include them automatically in SWAT. However, I had a verb in my verb set that permits the use of third-dimension relationships, and so I wonder if I should implement it or simply kill the verb. 

I think I’ll kill it.