SWAT verbs

I have made the momentous step of entering all the Verbs into a SWAT storyworld. I had already entered the Actors and a few Actor Attributes, but this was all petty stuff. The hard work is all in the Verbs. While doing so, I realized a few overlaps, insufficiencies, and inconsistencies that I addressed. To make sure that I got everything right, here is the final list. For each Verb, I have added its WordSockets. The Subject is implicit in all these Verbs. The colors indicate the data class of the WordSocket as per standard form. A minus sign preceding a Verb indicates that it is the un-version of the immediately preceding Verb.


greet [DirObject] [aura-tone]

-goodbye [DirObject] [aura-tone]

attack [DirObject] [aura]

assent [DirObject

-reject [DirObject

propose alliance [DirObject

sneer at [DirObject

speak power to [DirObject

-speak unpower to [DirObject

speak good to [DirObject

-speak ungood to [DirObject

speak truth to [DirObject

-speak untruth to [DirObject

speak power about [DirObject] [IndObject

-speak unpower about [DirObject] [IndObject

speak good about [DirObject] [IndObject]

-speak ungood about [DirObject] [IndObject]

speak truth about [DirObject] [IndObject]

-speak untruth about [DirObject] [IndObject]

ask about aura count [DirObject] [aura-tone] [IndObject] [aura] [interrogative quantifier]

tell about aura count [DirObject] [IndObject] [aura] [quantifier]

accuse [DirObject] [Verb (clause)]

promise [DirObject] [Verb (clause)]

ask about past event [DirObject] [Verb (clause)]

tell about past event [DirObject] [Verb (clause)]

don’t know [DirObject

request [DirObject] [aura-tone] [Verb (clause)]

offer aura count trade [DirObject] [Verb ’tell aura count’] [IndObject1] [aura1] [interrogative quantifier]  [Verb ’tell aura count’] [IndObject2] [aura2] [interrogative quantifier]

offer non-something [DirObject] [Verb]

ask about feelings [DirObject] [aura-tone] [IndObject1] [Verb (feeling)] [IndObject2] [interrogative quantifier]

tell about feelings [DirObject] [IndObject1] [Verb (feeling)] [IndObject2] [quantifier]

The next step is to prepare the options lists for these Verbs. Fortunately, each one will have but a single Role. (I think.)