You Snivelling Fool!

Well, it’s time for me to recite my favorite self-abnegating maxim:

…and I richly deserve it this time. I have now written 42 design diaries, and I have never taken up the question of the delivery platform! I suppose it’s time to deal with the question.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to figure out. I can’t distribute it on the Mac because Apple has put the kibosh on Java programs. I can’t distribute it on smartphones because the minimum screen requirement is 960h x 640v. This could squeeze onto the larger smartphones, but it would always be a serious constraint. Besides, if I want to build it for smartphones, then I’d have to learn one of the platforms, most likely iOS. I’m not too interested in placing myself at the mercy of Apple again. 

Thus, it seems as if the only remaining option is to build it for web delivery. Web delivery is good because it reaches every machine out there. Web delivery is bad because I’ll have to learn client-server technology. Thus, there are no nice options. Here are my actual options, in order of current preference:

1. Web delivery by myself
I bite the bullet and learn client-server technology. Groan! Bitch! Moan!

2. Web delivery through somebody else
I get Kickstarter funding and hire somebody to build the client-server interface. Pros: I work faster. Cons: I’m dependent upon another person.

3. iOS
I learn the iOS technology – which means starting all over. Then I build it all myself. Of course, I’d still be vulnerable to Apple playing games with the platform.

4. Stand-off design
I build it for Mac, my way. Then I hire somebody else to port it to other platforms, using Kickstarter funding. 

Time for more mulling...