Whut the Hay-ell????

I’ve run into a new problem that infuriates me. For some reason, SWAT won’t launch: it complains that it found an unknown operator in the storyworld file: NextActor. But I set that operator up about ten days ago and it has been running just fine until now. What happened?

I have spent an hour running through old copies of the software and I cannot find it anywhere. I even tried running old versions of the storyworld, and none of them work, either. This is really weird: somehow, the OperatorList file was modified, but every copy I see is dated April 27th. I know that I changed that file to include the NextActor operator at the same time that I wrote the code for it, but it just doesn’t show up anywhere.

Further searching revealed that the new Operator was created on July 8th. It shows up in both the storyworld and the Interpreter on that day. But there’s no matching entry in the Operator List. That means that the program should have refused to launch from that day forward. It’s been two weeks, and I’m absolutely certain that I have run the program many times since then. So what the hell is going on?

This kind of thing freaks me out — if my source files are randomly changed, how can I have any confidence in my computer?