First Engine Run

I’ve been running the storyworld on the engine for some months now, but all those runs were meant only for simple debugging of new functions. Today I ran the storyworld as a storyworld for the first time. Here’s the output of Log Lizard, who logs what takes place during a run:

Log Lizard Siboot

As you can see, it’s a decent little run. I meet Gaustusu and share some gossip with him, then propose a deal, which he accepts. We exchange information and say goodbye.

This may seem impressive but I see only flaws. The run operates perfectly right up to page 26. At that point I tell Gaustusu some gossip about Zubi. The problem is, I have absolutely no basis for my statement; there’s nothing in the game that tells me what I am supposed to know about Zubi. Until I get the completely new screen layout operational, this is a major deficiency.

Worse: as yet, there is no internal response to the information we share. I may tell Gaustusu something, but he doesn’t remember it; it goes in one ear and out the other. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Also, Gaustusu’s acceptance of my proposal is mindless; he doesn’t evaluate its merits. That has to be corrected.

Overall: I have a lot of reaction scripts I need to fill in.