Verb List

This is a work in progress; I expect to be revising this for a long time. This version (May 1st) is still incomplete, but I’d like to get it posted for now.

Good Aura
Indicative of goodness.

Truth Aura
Indicative of truth.

Power Aura
Indicative of power.

Reverses the meaning of the word it modifies. Good becomes bad, power becomes weakness, etc

Non-integer quantities
These indicate non-integer quantities: none, a little, middling, a lot, and all

How Much?
Interrogative for non-integer quantities

How Many?
Interrogative for integer quantities

Integer Quantities
Zero through eight

Go To
Takes a character as its object. Specifies that the player will go to the location of the DirObject. Note that this specifies a character rather than a stage as its DirObject.

A salutation offered at the outset of a conversation. Takes an aura as an indirect object and an intensifier modifying the aura. This establishes the emotional tone that the player wishes to initiate the conversation with. The reverse of this verb means “goodbye”. Example:

“Bullwinkle greets Wendy with much meekness.”

Spy On
Subject surreptitiously follows DirObject.

Literally, ‘say power to’. Modified by an intensifier. Serves to intimidate the DirObject – or trigger a counter-threat.

Literally, ‘say good to’. Modified by an intensifier. Serves to endear the DirObject.

Literally, ‘say truth to’. Modified by an intensifier. Usually used in inverse form to state that somebody lied.

Literally, ‘show the truth’. Used to express the communication of information sought by another, as in:

“Ming the Merciless reveals to Snidely Whiplash that
the number of power auras possessed by Dracula is three.”

Requests that the DirObject
reveal a truth:

“Chris asks Venus how many power auras Dracula possesses.”

Command, Demand Takes a clause as its object

“Chris demands that Venus reveal how many power auras Dracula possesses.”

This verb could take a variety of forms. Here’s one:

“Agent Smith accuses Boris Badinov of lying.”

Offer deal
This one can get complicated. Here’s my first cut at how it might be used:

“Mad Scientist offers Evil Queen: he’ll reveal Mona Lisa’s count
of Good auras if she’ll reveal Donald Duck’s count of Truth auras.”

Takes a clause as its object