2D Versus 1D Sentence Display

The original plan has always been to present the SympolTalk sentences in a 2D structure like this:

Geometric Sentence

“Soomeseroog tells Caroonycorck that he thinks that Camiggdo is powerful rather negative.” 

But today, while working on the new display code, I first came up with this linear structure for the same sentence:

Linear Sentence

and it occurred to me that this linear scheme really isn’t that much worse than the 2D scheme. In fact, it might be just as meaningful to most people. But how much of this opinion of mine is based on my own familiarity with SympolTalk? The little arrows definitely communicate some meaning.

The most powerful argument, I think, is that the two separate columns in the upper image suggest that two separate ideas are in play. 

Yep, that decides it. That was easy, wasn’t it?