New Spaghetti Diagrams

A variety of changes have been accumulating, so now it is time to issue revised spaghetti diagrams for the verb set. Here are all four spaghetti diagrams. I present them in the new 96-pixel format that I’ll be using with Siboot. The glyphs in these diagrams are close to “life size”. To make it easier, I have provided text descriptions of the glyphs underneath each diagram. A little easier. 


greet; what’s new?; no news; I’ll tell the truth; I’ll lie; X badmouthed Y; X promised Y no attack; X lied to Y; X gave a bead to Y; X told Y about an aura count; badmouth; suggest a deal; threaten; goodbye


suggest a deal; what do you want?; I want a bead; I want a promise not to attack me; I want you to tell me an aura count; reject deal; threaten; agree to deal; give bead; promise no attack; tell aura count; renege on deal; goodbye


threaten; what do you want?; reject threat; I want you to tell me an aura count; I want you to promise not to attack me; I want you to give me a bead; reject threat; agree to comply; tell aura count; promise not to attack; give bean; goodbye



give bead; promise not to attack; tell aura count; there’s no news; renege on deal; goodbye; go to; hide; meditate