Deals, Episode XXIX

I have now gotten deals, in their simplest manifestation, fully operational, and my testing shows them to be inadequate. I need more richness in the deals. I need more goods to trade. Here are some possibilities:

Siboot beads confer upon the wearer greater sensitivity to lying; this can be very useful in detecting those who make insincere deals. All beads are the same, so there’s no point in trading one bead for another. But how does one assess the value of a bead against the value of other deal-goods? This is especially tricky because the value of a bead declines with time. Also, would players be able to know how many beads others have? Shouldn’t they have such information? Messy business here.

These are the only thing currently traded. A single aura-count is traded for another single aura-count.

All Aura-Counts for an Individual
This trade would take the form “I’ll tell you all three aura-counts for X if you’ll tell me all three aura-counts for Y.” This would be a particularly valuable form of deal, and it certainly shortens conversations.

Promise not to Attack
This would constitute a promise not to attack the other person that night only. This could be especially useful late in the day when an actor realizes that he is vulnerable to another actor.

Everything I know
This would be a double version of “All Aura Counts for an Individual” — the actor would reveal all aura-counts for each of the two other actors. It’s a grand slam.