October 1st

I’ve been plugging along for some time now and I have gotten the basic battle loop operational. Arthur sees a series of combat events and can react to each one. As yet, however, there is no emotional content in the behaviors. Actors do not yet have their combat situation evaluated, nor their emotional reaction to it. Adding these elements will be my next task.

Which raises a number of issues. First, I’ll have to rewrite all the existing text responses to place them in an order representing the degree of fear felt by each actor. That will be a LOT of work: 11 texts for each of 8 actors.

Another problem is that the player will have to endure a great many substories in order to get a feel for the state of morale of the army. Each substory tells only the reaction of a single actor. Arthur must take into account the Cowardly_Brave value of an actor in evaluating that actor’s reaction. 

I suppose that I’d better get to work on all those sub stories. I won’t be back for a while.