October 27th

I have completed entering the textual data for the battle sequence. Now the task is to define the mechanics of battle.

Each duke begins the battle with the following attributes:


The most important variable is Weak_Strong, which is simply the measure of how many effective fighters the duke has. This number will decline during the course of the battle; its decline will affect the most important output variable: Enthusiasm (which is actually an operator). Enthusiasm represents how aggressive a unit is. At the beginning of the battle, Enthusiasm is initialized to some function of all four of the above variables. 

The Saxon strength will be divided into units assigned to oppose each of Arthur’s dukes. When a unit fights, it suffers losses according an algorithm relying on the relative Weak_Strong values of the two opposing units. Perhaps something like this (I’m ignoring the entire BNumber stuff here):

BritonLosses ∝ SaxonStrength/BritonStrength
SaxonLosses ∝ BritonStrength/SaxonStrength

The losses are then extracted from both parties. They also serve to lower the Enthusiasm value for that party.

So now I need to turn these general concepts into scripts.