Never Mind

I'll have to abandon the reflexive concept I have discussed in the last two essays; the storyengine in its current form is incapable of supporting the feature. I'll just have to defer these ideas until Version 2. In the meantime, I have come up with an alternative. I will create a custom relationship that I will call Kingliness. Then every action taken by every character will result in AdjustKingliness calls in the decision scripts. That Kingliness factor is only operative on reactions to Arthur. This allows us to incorporate the Kingliness idea into the emotional reactions. It will be used on several occasions. First, when Arthur gives a royal order, the recipient of the order might refuse to obey it if his Kingliness value towards Arthur is low. Second, Mordred will revolt when his own Kingliness approaches or exceeds Arthur's.

Gad, this is all so simple. The reason, of course, is that emotion is a simplified digestion of experience; I was endeavoring to come up with a more complex digestion of experience, and failed. So it was only natural that I would fall back on the simplified approach.

So the next task is to define the major subnets.