JCGD Volume 1

This was the first year of the Journal; I ran it for 16 months (8 issues) because the first two issues were free to all askers. I only started taking subscriptions with Volume 1 #3. Therefore, the subscription year did not end until we reached Volume 1 #8.

The two most important essays in this list are "Process Intensity" and "The Interaction Circuit". I am particularly proud of "Scribes Versus Authors" and "Egotism". Particularly lousy essays include "Better Days", "Credit Assignment", and "The Software Awards Mess".

A Plea for Greater Use of Arithmetic Methods
Better Days for the Game Industry
Boston Computer Museum Game Retrospective
Credit Assignment for Game Designers
The First Computer Game Developers’ Conference
The Game Designer’s Life
The Interaction Circuit
We Are Not Keeping Pace With the Hardware
Similarities with Other Media
Process Intensity
R&D Spending on Games
Scribes Versus Authors
The Software Awards Mess
Thoughts on the Holodeck
Triumph and Failure
Women’s Lib, circa 500 AD
Three Levels of Interaction