JCGD Volume 5

By this time, my disenchantment with the games industry is out in the open. Such essays as "It Ain’t Art" and "Repent! The End is Near!" crackle with anger and disgust. A bittersweet note is struck in essays like "A Grain of Sand, A Gust of Wind" and "Lessons from Patton Strikes Back". On the technical side, there’s "How to Build a World". There aren’t any really penetrating theoretical essays in this collection.

Computer Games Versus Videogames
History of Computer Games: The Atari Years
It Ain’t Art
How to Build a World
Low-Interactivity Entertainment Products
Patents, Poobahs, and Peasants
A Grain of Sand, a Gust of Wind
Repent! The End is Near!
1992 CGDC Report
Get Professional!
Five Years and it’s time for a Change
Lessons from Patton Strikes Back
1992 CGDC Survey Results by Evan Robinson