Kathy was driving down Sterling Creek Road on December 7th, 1999, when she saw this big down standing stupidly in the middle of the road. She shooed him off, then parked the van she was driving. She went to the side door to get a leash that we keep in the van for this purpose, and then went around the van to find the dog – but he was gone! She looked around and couldn’t see him anywhere. So she went back to the van and found him sitting on the back seat, ready to go home. So she brought him home. We later determined that somebody had just abandoned him up there -- we call such animals “drop offs”.

Moose is the mellowest dog I have ever known. Nothing gets under his skin; he has the patience of a saint when the younger dogs want to pull his ears or bite his legs. He’s also a big cuddly teddy bear.

Moose began to show his age in late 2011. He died on Monday, February 20th, 2012, after suffering a stroke.

Moose enjoying a romp in the snow


Moose was half retriever: if we threw something, he’d go get it, but he wouldn’t bring it back. And sometimes he brought us things for no reason.