Personal Photos

August 10th, 2010

Age 4

Age 5
On a camping trip, pumping water with my little brother Mark. Note the right arm tightly clutched to my side; I had broken it badly some months before and developed this odd habit. This in turn led me to prefer my left arm, with the perverse result that I am right-eyed, right-footed, but left-handed (except when throwing).

Class Photo, Age 9

Report Card, Fourth Grade, Age 10
I was an indifferent student, as you can see. Mostly B’s and C’s, and only one A -- in music! Note the B- in science: obviously, my MS in Physics was a fluke. Even worse, consider the “Character Development” section: only a C+ for Conduct, mostly because of a lack of cooperation. Note even more the X for “respects authority”. Sister, I was just getting started. Social Traits: also a C+, primarily because of my lack of neatness. I was a slob even then. And my work habits also got me a C+. Gadzooks, Chris Crawford looks like a kid without a future.

Age 11

Age 14
I did a lot of public speaking in high school and was pretty good.

Age 18
Note that I am wearing the same style of shirt that I wore at age 11. Note also the tennis shoes (very common in those days) and make special note of the cord around my waist. That holds up a slide rule hanging down from my left hip -- you can see the hard leather case just behind the heels of my shoes.

Age 20
Please to observe the combat boots and flight suit -- necessities to those of us who drove in all weathers. I’m on a Honda 305, which wasn’t my own bike; the rear tire on my Honda 160 had finally worn out and I needed to purchase a new one, so my friend Conrad lent me his 305. You can see the new tire lashed onto my backpack. Note also Frogger Rogger in his own orange flight suit and the sleeping bag on my backpack. One slept where-ever one could. Finally, get a load of that thin fiberglas helmet. Nowadays a helmet like that might pass muster for a bicyclist, but no more.

Wedding Day, Age 21
Yes, Frogger Rogger came along.

Age 26
Note already receding hairline and callous disregard for personal appearance

Age 28
I was teaching an energy conservation program for UC Davis. I brought some, shall we say, panache to the task.

Age 31
Working on my first big hit, Eastern Front (1941) for the Atari.

Age 34
Note Lisa computer in background. This picture was taken in 1984 with one of the earliest consumer image digitizers.

Age 40

The Bon Vivant

Age 49
On board the ARIA research aircraft as part of the 1999 Leonid MAC mission.

Age 59, giving yet another lecture