March 4th, 2012

Yesterday, I was searching Google for images appropriate for my latest game. My search word was simply “environmentalist”, and I was struck by the amount of venom directed at this class of people. Here are some of the signs, bumper stickers, or tee shirts that I saw:

Save the planet. Kill yourself.
Environmentalist: ancient Greek word meaning ‘retarded in an unprecedented, mind-boggling jaw dropping way.”
A cartoon with a hunter saying “I missed the deer, but I winged an environmentalist.”
The true agenda of the environmentalist is the creation of a socialist utopia.
Dim Witted, Oblivious, Lives Under a Rock: The Perfect Environmentalist
Live the Green Dream! Move to North Korea
Dunes Sagebrush Lizard: Newest twinkle in George Soros’ eye so that he can pay moon bat environmentalists to stop drilling in Texas and NM
Stupid Liberal Environmentalist: No matter how clean and dry your hands are, if the last person didn’t wash their hands, you still have to touch the same knob to get out. Paper towels were great for protection, unlike this environmentally friendly hand dryer.
Save a hot rod: Shoot an environmentalist

All of this in a single Google search! This got me to thinking just how much conservatism is driven by hate.