Memories of early days

The Pendulum a tale of an experiment in dynamics that I carried out in high school

Charlie a friend who was poor and therefore mistreated by my schoolmates

My Ball even as a child, I recognized the importance of honoring childishness

Jaws the movie inspired some silly jokes

Frogger-Rogger my stuffed animal and lifelong companion

An Old Joke that my father told me

Hey Jude driving a small motorcycle long-distance in the 60s

Faint Memories recalling the neighborhoods of my early youth

Fogey Music “That old time music was so much better than today’s music” Harrumph!

I was the first software evangelist. Amen, brother, I have seen the light!

How I got a job at Atari

An Old Newspaper Clipping

Seeing Pluto

Ancient Wargaming Computer