My Famous Ancestor

August 11th, 2010

William Harris Crawford was a major political figure in early American politics. He served as Senator from Georgia; President Pro Tempore of the Senate during the Twelfth Congress; Minister to France 1813-1815; Secretary of War 1815; and Secretary of the Treasury 1816-1825. He ran against John Quincy Adams for President in 1824 and was favored to win, but was incapacitated by a paralysis during the campaign and lost. He recovered and lived until 1834. He was remembered on a 50 cent bill in 1875:

His son Nathaniel Macon Crawford was an academic who served as President of Mercer College until his death. He begat William Harris Crawford, who begat Bibb Crawford, who begat Charles Harris Crawford, who begat Newton White Crawford Sr, who begat Newton White Crawford Jr, who begat me. Begosh and begorrah!