Observations on World Travel, Both Pungent and Putrid

Herewith are my notes on trips to various destinations around the world. I get invited to speak in some pretty bodacious places, so I try to record my thoughts while I’m doing it.

Where I’ve Been
A Trip To India
The Ash Cloud Saga
Teaching in Bremen, Germany
Georgia Tech
UC Santa Cruz Conference (April 15th, 2011)
Amsterdam (May 16th, 2011)
Valenciennes/Paris (June 3rd-9th, 2013)
Southwest 2013 (November 2013)
A Trip to New York (April 2014)
Screwed Again by United Airlines (August 2014)
Copenhagen ICIDS conference (December 2015)
GDC 2016
A Trip to Italy
The total lunar eclipse of August 21, 2017