Herewith my pronouncements upon matters technological.

Computer Security Some unconventional ideas on security issues

Middle-Aged Software As a program ages, new types of problems creep in.

Digital Cameras How the shift from film to digital completely changes photography

Dumb Code Versus Smart Code Simple-minded approaches to programming

A Contrary Thought on Emergence I think emergence is a dumb idea.

Adventures with Windows 7 Yep, it sucks.

An Extrapolation Algorithm 

A Sad Tale of Bad Design RapidWeaver is a website editor program for the Mac.

Creeps to Leaps

When Algorithms Go Bad Hilarious examples of Google’s algorithms screwing up

The Sixes and the Eights A tale of two diametrically opposed software philosophies

Mouse Surfaces A semi-scientific search for the perfect mouse surface.

Too Many Verbs The time has come to make the jump to vocal interaction

From Typos to Checkos The impact of spell-checkers on writing

How Should I Publish My Books?

A Grand Realization

A Motor Speed Measuring Circuit

The Bad Old Days  A comparison of modern computing technology with its ancestors

Schemolics Did I anticipate “deep learning” AI technology 40 years ago?

Going to Mars is a Bad Idea